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Personal information security


- We will never misuse your personal information in any way.
- We will never share your personal information to a third party, unless required by law.
- We will never send you e-mails, that you did not sign up for.
- You can unsubscribe to any e-mails you are recieving from us.


Collecting and processing personal data


Personal data is information that identifies you: Your name and surname, electronic or phisical address. Our website does not collect your personal data, until you allow it to by using our contact form, or when signing up to our news letter. 

All your data is stored the whole time of our business or potential business cooperation.

Use of personal data for advertisment


If you explicitly agree with the use of your personal data for advertisment and marketing, then we will store and use this data for those purposes, such as: news letters, promotions, update notifications, and other. We will use the data that you gave us and use them for improvment of our marketing efficiency.


Consent withdrawl


You can fully or partially withdraw your consent to the use of personal data anytime. Upon recieving the withdrawl, we will delete your data in up to 30 days. We kindly ask you to send your personal data withdrawl through one of the following methods:


or mail:
DELUTECH, proizvodnja in prodaja stavbnega pohištva d.o.o.
Spodnje gameljne 36a
1211 Ljubljana - Šmartno


The rights to information regarding the storage of your data


Per request, through the channels mentioned above, we will let you know, which personal data we are storing and for what purpose.


Links to other websites


Our website can contain links to other websites, for which the statemet about personal data security doesn't apply. Upon leaving our website, read through the personal data security statement again, for the linked website.


As a user


I agree with the use of my personal data and confirm, that I have read the general terms of agreement and understand and accept them.


Cookie use explanation


A cookie is a short text, that the website sends to the browser. This way the browser can remember its settings, that you selected, such as language etc., which makes it easier and faster for you to browse this website in the future. Cookies simplify browsing your favorite websites and allow for a faster and more enjoyable user experience. Cookies are used by most websites today.

A more comprehensive description can be found here.